This is the place to find music and books, gifts and more. You'll find music you can play at home and books to assist you on the parenting journey.

  1. Where's that song

    Where's that song

    Download the PDF naming all your favorite mainly music songs and the album they are on Learn More
  2. Trypraying booklet

    Trypraying booklet

    Yes. Just that. Try praying. See what happens. Take a risk and see what God does. This little book just might revolutionise your life or the life of another.

    For one week, give God something that weighs heavily on your mind. When you wake in the night, the first thing you think of is this situation. In those quiet moments, you’re wondering, ‘Is there a God?’

    Trypraying. A little booklet that puts prayer in a really great way – practical, achievable, readable. Learn More
  3. Tiny Treasures book & CD pack

    Tiny Treasures book & CD pack

    Featuring the lyrics of Karyn Henley's song, Tiny Treasures. Using the lyrics from Karyn Henley's song Tiny Treasures (from the album of the same name and also available on Karyn Henley Favourites Volume 2), this song features the reason for Easter. The most wonderful treasure of all - is YOU. This song features a number of prop options bringing to life the song in a tangible way. You can then weave your Easter presentation using props from a box in a similar way. Learn More
  4. Tiny Treasures book

    Tiny Treasures book

    Featuring the lyrics of Karyn Henley's song, Tiny Treasures. Learn More
  5. This Big, This Much book

    This Big, This Much book

    Does your child love to say, “How much do you love me?” Or perhaps you ask that of your child. We know that pre-schoolers will often stretch out their arms to measure how big their love is and just how much they love you. And then there are those times when they indicate, with their fingers just slightly ajar, a teeny love – followed by much laughter. Oh they love teasing!!! We took inspiration from two Psalms reminding us just how much each of us is loved, by a God who created us.
    What does it mean to you knowing that God loves you – this big and this much. How precious is His unfailing love? Very precious. God’s love for you is this big and this much. Learn More
  6. There's a Happy Moon in My Side, by Richard Black

    There's a Happy Moon in My Side, by Richard Black

    Many children struggle with their emotions and mental health. The stats regarding #mentalhealth of children in all western countries is heartbreaking reading.
    This children's book has been written to help children learn skills to grow their emotional awareness, resilience, and wellbeing. These are skills that will also help them throughout the years into adulthood. Learn More
  7. The Simple Truth about Trust Book

    The Simple Truth about Trust Book

    Here’s a unique and a clever model shared by author, Vanessa Hall, in The Simple Truth about Trust. This book has been admired for its simplicity, its clarity and its power in helping people around the world understand how trust is built and how it breaks down. It gets to the core of trust and how it works in all our business and personal interactions. In a very conversational style, this book is an easy and enjoyable read.  Learn More
  8. The Secret of Contentment

    The Secret of Contentment

    ‘I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.’ Philippians 4:11 These are starkly countercultural words for our time. Let the words of this minizine (a collection of articles in an easy-to-read format) challenge you and help you discover what it means to live content. Learn More
  9. The Prodigal God book

    The Prodigal God book

    This book will open your eyes to a central, beautiful message of Jesus: the gospel of grace, hope and salvation. You will be invited to a new and totally life-changing understanding of the central message of the Christian faith. Timothy Keller introduces the reader to all the characters in this timeless story, showing that it concerns not just a wayward son, but also a judgemental older brother and, most importantly, a loving father. Learn More
  10. The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

    The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

    One of the questions Paul addresses in Corinthians is, ‘What are the marks of a changed heart?’ He’s not after some superficial outward tinkering, but instead a deep-rooted, life-altering change that takes place on the inside. In this short, punchy book, best-selling author Timothy Keller shows that gospel-humility means we can stop connecting every experience, every conversation with ourselves and can thus be free from self-condemnation. Learn More

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Fires, floods and other nasties
Families at risk
Bring connection during Covid-19
Fires, floods and other nasties
If there has been a natural (or man made) disaster in your country, like fires, floods or even terrorism, and you'd like to support the groups in that area, depending which country you give from, we'll make sure these groups get help. The money will go to celebration items (like Christmas books or birthday gifts) and financial support of the local groups affected.
Families at risk
We're connecting with families who don't always see the value of mainly music sessions first off - but when they attend other services provided by agencies and participate, their smiles return as they connect with their child. It fills mum's life and develops the bond with her children.
Bring connection during Covid-19
We have many stories where mothers say, "I went to my GP. I was told to go on medication. I found mainly music. I don't need medication at all." Post natal depression, social isolation, anxiety along with Covid-19 restrictions can stop anyone in their tracks. Contributing to this fund from anywhere in the world will help those mainly music groups who are struggling financially.
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