1. Hand Puppet -  Cockatoo

    Hand Puppet - Cockatoo

    A beautiful, fluffy cockatoo hand puppet. Learn More
  2. Hand Puppet -  Frog

    Hand Puppet - Frog

    A cheeky frog hand puppet. Learn More
  3. Hand Puppet - Cow

    Hand Puppet - Cow

    A black & white cow hand puppet. Learn More
  4. Hand Puppet - Duck

    Hand Puppet - Duck

    A yellow duck hand puppet who loves to go looking for her ducklings ... or be a duckling herself ... or dance around a midst Old MacDonald's farm yard. Learn More
  5. Hand Puppet - Kangaroo

    Hand Puppet - Kangaroo

    Jump like a kangaroo - with this hand puppet. Learn More
  6. Hand Puppet - Kookaburra

    Hand Puppet - Kookaburra

    A laughing [not really  you'll have to make the laugh!] kookaburra hand puppet. Learn More
  7. Hand puppet - sheep

    Hand puppet - sheep

    A fluffy sheep hand puppet that will delight children. Learn More
  8. Hand Puppet - Tiger

    Hand Puppet - Tiger

    A black and tan striped tiger hand puppet. Learn More
  9. Elephant

    Hand Puppet - Various Animals

    Various Animal hand puppets available. Please select from the drop down list below. Price is for individual puppets. Learn More
  10. Old MacDonald finger puppets

    Old MacDonald finger puppets

    Ten finger puppets – Mr MacDonald and his house, plus eight animals including hen, duck, cat, cow, sheep, pig, horse and dog. Not only are these cute to look at, but they’re also clever. Look closer and you’ll see this is an adult hand. While the puppets don’t ‘slip’ on and off an adult hand, they are pretty quick to get on your fingers. But as is different to other finger puppets, they have a ring of elastic around the base and therefore fit on little fingers too. Use this in your mainly music with Old MacDonald or for most of the animals in ‘This is Good’ – mainly music traditional songs volume 3. Take these home for some fun. At home you could talk about the animal names, their sounds, their colours, and make up a story about them on Old MacDonald’s farm. Learn More

Choose project:

Women’s refuge
Prison families
Change agent
Women’s refuge
Sophie left, with her children, and few belongings from the abusive environment.

mainly music sessions she attended during her stay at the women’s refuge provided a time of joy and fun, for both her and her children.
You can help little families establish themselves in times of trouble.
Prison families
Pregnant and behind bars, Amy faced doing time for crime. Inside, with her baby, Amy attends mainly music sessions. The joy she shares with her child and the attachment activities she participates in will set baby up with a secure foundation. It’s a short window of opportunity to make change.
Change agent
mainly music sessions provide a chance for all families to experience attachment theory (that's the secure foundation that all children need). mainly music provides weekly contribution to the lives of children throughout this country with your assistance.
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