Greatest Hits Range

The Greatest Hits range are our compilation albums licensed for home/personal use and feature songs loved by families who attend mainly music all over the world.
  1. Greatest Hits Party Pack

    Greatest Hits Party Pack

    Have you wondered (or maybe you’ve even asked) about having a mainly music themed birthday? Your child loves the songs. You want to have something low key without all the expectations. Here is your opportunity to hold a family-friendly, not too messy, enjoyable child’s birthday. The party pack contains: A Greatest Hits CD (containing songs you will know from your mainly music sessions). An ideas sheet for how to use some of the songs in the party plus some easy-to-arrange activities for the children. 10 x mainly music balloons, as decorations and for the children to take home. 5 x cards for using with one of the songs on the CD and to send home in the take home bags. 5 x finger puppets, to send home in the take home bags. 5 x Hide and Seek books, to send home with the children. 5 x mainly music bags, to send home with the children (add a piece of cake wrapped in a serviette like you had when you went to a friend’s birthday!). Plus a sheet of children’s birthday stickers, just like at mainly music! PLUS if you have more children coming to your child’s party, you can buy more items. Learn More
  2. Greatest Hits Volume 4 CD

    Greatest Hits Volume 4 CD

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price $8.00

    10 songs, some are sung at mainly music. This album is for home/personal use only. Learn More
  3. Greatest Hits Volume 6 CD

    Greatest Hits Volume 6 CD

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price $10.00

    More great music you are likely to know from mainly music sessions … here are the songs on the CD … Welcome to Music, Go Around Me, Froggie Jump, I Can Wink, I Spy, R’n’R Ball Dance, Funny Face, Can You Count to Ten?, Growing in God’s Garden, Five Fuzzy Caterpillars and Old MacMassage. This is a home/personal use only album for enjoying with your family and friends. Learn More

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Fires, floods and other nasties
Families at risk
Mental wellness
Fires, floods and other nasties
If there has been a natural (or man made) disaster in your country, like fires, floods or even terrorism, and you'd like to support the groups in that area, depending which country you give from, we'll make sure these groups get help. The money will go to celebration items (like Christmas books or birthday gifts) and financial support of the local groups affected.
Families at risk
We're connecting with families who don't always see the value of mainly music sessions first off - but when they attend other services provided by agencies and participate, their smiles return as they connect with their child. It fills mum's life and develops the bond with her children.
Mental wellness
We have many stories where mothers say, "I went to my GP. I was told to go on medication. I found mainly music. I don't need medication at all." Post natal depression, social isolation, and anxiety can stop anyone in their tracks. Contributing to this fund in NZ will assist the sessions held at Walsh Trust, where mothers have been hospitalised for their PND. Contributing in Australia will assist sessions for families experiencing the effects of mental unwellness.
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