Our Values

As an organisation, mainly music has five core values:

creativity ...  keeping our point of difference by thinking outside of what is traditional.

connection ... creating genuine spaces for engagement.

celebration ... a commitment to noticing the extraordinary, even the smallest glimpses, in the ordinary; the remarkable in every day.

generosity ... our ability to be large hearted, open handed and actively extravagant.

honour ... honouring diversity and heritage, artists and writers, staff and volunteers, churches and partners, and God.


Choose project:

Women’s refuge
Prison families
Beanies for children
Women’s refuge
Sophie left, with her children, and few belongings from the abusive environment.

mainly music sessions she attended during her stay at the women’s refuge provided a time of joy and fun, for both her and her children.
You can help little families establish themselves in times of trouble.
Prison families
Pregnant and behind bars, Amy faced doing time for crime. Inside, with her baby, Amy attends mainly music sessions. The joy she shares with her child and the attachment activities she participates in will set baby up with a secure foundation. It’s a short window of opportunity to make change.
Beanies for children
Making a donation will provide warm beanies for children.

We'll ensure warm beanies will get to children who attend sessions for families who are doing life tough.

Your donation will ensure we know how many beanies to send. $5 - 1 beanie. $10 - 3 beanies. $20 - 7 beanies. $50 - 20 beanies.
Donation amount: