mainly music Traditional Songs Volume 1

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mainly music Traditional Songs Volume 1

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Newly re-recorded. Fantastic sound including one new vocalist.
Familiar songs that little children love and their parents know from their own childhood.

Previously also known as mainly music Australian songs.


Newly re-recorded. Fantastic sound including one new vocalist. Songs include: Five Little Ducks, Hokey Pokey, Mulberry Bush, Five Little Speckled Frogs, The Wheels on the Bus, Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck, Alice the Camel, Skinnamarinki, Hey De Ho, Jack in the Box


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Women’s refuge
A great community atmosphere
Growing and reaching
Women’s refuge
Sophie left, with her children, and few belongings from the abusive environment.

mainly music sessions she attended during her stay at the women’s refuge provided a time of joy and fun, for both her and her children.
You can help little families establish themselves in times of trouble.
A great community atmosphere
We love that in the rich environments of so many cultures, there is such a great community atmosphere. Isolation, anxiety and depression have lost ground in these cosmopolitan little pockets like Roskill South. There are many other places where this is taking place, week after week.
Growing and reaching
Every week, mothers call up to ask where their local mainly music or mainly play is located. They have been to the website but every group in their area is full. We need to help more groups establish. Your donation will assist us make this happen, which provides more families the chance to experience mainly music or mainly play, more children develop in their skills,and more families find friendship and a caring community.
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