Look at Me I'm Moving Volume 1

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Look at Me I'm Moving Volume 1

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This CD is intended for 3 years plus. It's full of songs aimed at getting children to move, dance, and play instruments. Almost all of the songs are action-based.

Limited stock available.


Songs on this album include: Happy Sticks, Stick Games, Music Music Music, Jibidi, Moving to the Beat, Thrown the Bean Bag, Boanopstekker, The Put It Song, Stand Up Sit Down, Old MacMassage, Dr Knickerbocker, Oxo Reel Instructions, Oxo Reel, Singing in the Rain, Person to Person, Bean Bag Alphabet Ring, Mexican Hat Dance, Waddley Archer, Sea Colours, Stick Tapping. Limited stock available.

1. Happy Sticks
2. Stick Games
3. Music Music Music
4. Jibidi
5. Moving to the Beat
6. Throw the Bean Bag
7. Boanopstekker
8. The Put It Song
9. Stand Up Sit Down
10. Old MacMassage

11. Dr Knickerbocker
12. Oxo Reel Instructions
13. Oxo Reel
14. Singing in the Rain
15. Person to Person
16. Bean Bag Alphabet 17. Ring
18. Mexican Hat Dance
19. Waddley Archer
20. Sea Colours
21. Stick Tapping










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Vulnerable Communities
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