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Hand Puppet - Various Animals

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Various Animal hand puppets available.

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Price is for individual puppets.


Various Animal hand puppets available. Please select from the drop down list below. To purchase more than one type, you'll need to select then add to cart, repeat the process and select another type. Price is for individual puppets.

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Vulnerable Communities
Reaching Families
Morning Tea
Vulnerable Communities
Each week, Session Facilitators take mainly music sessions into a community-based holistic program or a Government facility.
Where sessions contribute to the connection between parent and child.
Where smiles and delight are increased and where joy is found.

A part of a initiative we lovingly call 'Vulnerable Communities'. To find out more head to our 'Vulnerable communities' page under the 'Who We Are' tab.

Reaching Families
Each gift will lovingly support our mobile mainly music leaders who travel across the region to reach families in remote communities. Truly inspiring individuals.

$5 will provide a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT to mum's who may not a receive gift at all.

Morning Tea
a $10 donation will provide a morning tea for one of our mainly music school transition programs an extended arm of our Vulnerable Communities initiative.

Run in primary schools, this program exists to help children become accustom to their environment and develop early learning skills such as listening to instruction, participation in a group setting and prepares them as they move into the early years of formal education
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