Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD

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Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD

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11 songs some are sung at mainly music. This album is for home/personal use only.


Songs on the CD are: Five Little Ladybugs, L-O-V-E, The Country Dance, Music Music Music, Sparkle, Head to Toe, Little Red Wagon, Dancing Feet, God Made Me, In The Early Morning, The Caterpillar Story. For home/personal use only.


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Vulnerable Communities
Prison families
Local communities
Vulnerable Communities
Each week, Session Facilitators take mainly music sessions into a community-based holistic program or a Government facility.
Where sessions contribute to the connection between parent and child.
Where smiles and delight are increased and where joy is found.

A part of a initiative we lovingly call 'Vulnerable Communities'. To find out more head to our 'Vulnerable communities' page under the 'Who We Are' tab.

Prison families
Pregnant and behind bars, Amy faced doing time for crime. Inside, with her baby, Amy attends mainly music sessions. The joy she shares with her child and the attachment activities she participates in will set baby up with a secure foundation. It’s a short window of opportunity to make change.
Local communities
Many mainly music groups are situated in communities where life is tough. Low statistics for children participating in early childhood education make mainly music a valued contribution to the life of a child. The educational engagement prepares children for school.
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