Vulnerable Communities

What is the Vulnerable Communities Initiative?


The Vulnerable Communities initiative focuses on groups in our communities who, for various reasons, cannot access mainly music through their local church. They’ve been excluded. We, the groups holding mainly music sessions each week, haven’t done this on purpose.

Families who enter our country as refugees are sometimes limited by their locale or lack confidence in knowing sufficient of the local culture or language. They remain indoors. They might not have transport or even know how to use public transport to participate in a session.

Families who are led by teenager parents sometimes fear the stigma of being a ‘teen parent’ amongst families who are middle class, appear to have life together and have more resources at their disposal. Sometimes they are limited by their need to participate in studies, in order to complete their education to ensure they are not limited in the future having become a young parent.

Families who are isolated through mental health, or the effects of drugs and/or alcohol often remain in their homes, lacking the confidence to participate in group events in a community setting.

These are families who most often experience mainly music in a community-based holistic program or a Government facility, where employed mobile mainly music leaders take sessions to the families, contributing to the overall care, development and encouragement provided.

Families who live in financially disadvantaged communities also find themselves in a place of hopelessness. The idea of attending a mainly music session can require huge organisational effort and for people with little in their emotional tank, it’s just too far out of reach. 

mainly music partners with local churches and either provides the session resources free of charge and/or contributes through the provision of a mobile mainly music leader. In this way, the local church becomes the community-based holistic contributor.



How do we fund Vulnerable Communities?


Unlike most mainly music groups, our Vulnerable Communities groups are not able to be self-funding – we fund them through giving to mainly music. Raising funds through applications to trusts is drying up. Investments are not returning sufficient contributions to underwrite all community-based initiatives. To continue into the future, we’ll need to diversify how we fund Vulnerable Communities.


Choose project:

Vulnerable Communities
Reaching Families
Morning Tea
Vulnerable Communities
Each gift you place this month will contribute towards beginning mainly music sessions in

- Women's prisons

- Refugee Centres

- School transition programs

A part of a initiative we lovingly call 'Vulnerable Communities'. To find out more head to our 'Vulnerable communities' page under the about tab.

Reaching Families
Each gift will lovingly support our mobile mainly music leaders who travel across the region to reach families in remote communities. Truly inspiring individuals.

$5 will provide a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT to mum's who may not a receive gift at all.

Morning Tea
a $10 donation will provide a morning tea for one of our mainly music school transition programs an extended arm of our Vulnerable Communities initiative.

Run in primary schools, this program exists to help children become accustom to their environment and develop early learning skills such as listening to instruction, participation in a group setting and prepares them as they move into the early years of formal education
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