Centred, a book by Richard Black

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Centred, a book by Richard Black

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There is a big problem all over the Western world – anxiety. Many people suffer from the effects of stress caused by anxiety and anxiety caused by stress. Often this is as a result of the lens through which we interpret situations that we experience.‘Centred’ is the first of the Mind Health (TM) series to help people who don’t necessarily need the services of a counsellor but do need a platform to rethink situations that have impacted their life.

While having been a counsellor and speaker for many years, this is the first title from Richard Black. It forms the first Mind Health (TM) principle and creates a foundation for people who are keen to live confidently and to thrive in their life. Richard has spoken about the ‘Centred’ principles to many groups of people who have felt lighter and more confident as they have left the venue, intending to put in place the principles of change. ‘Centred’ will provide people with a handbook/workbook for those who want to work on change in their lives with or without hearing any of Richard's presentations.


As a counsellor, Richard has encountered many people who wish their life was different and better. They may wish they were not so sensitive or controlled by their emotions; they may wish their relationships were more loving or they wish they were able to be more assertive; they may wish they did not struggle with certain habits or that they could lose weight and get fitter; and on and on the list goes. Some may feel they have tried “everything”, and come to a place of resignation. Others have not tried anything, simply tolerating how things are, unaware that things could be better than they currently are. In other words, they believe “this is as good as it gets”. When we have a desire for change but an inability to create that change, it is a source of immense frustration or despondency. Our beliefs about change and about ourselves often do not help, either. Some people believe that change is possible for others but, for some reason, just not them. Some believe that people do not really change. These beliefs are further reinforced by different narratives people create about why change is elusive. Some people point inwardly, saying, “This is just the way I am. It’s my personality type.” Others point outwardly to other people or circumstances, saying, “Until they change there is nothing I can do.” People may feel powerless to internal or external forces, but the reality is they have far more power to change their state than they realise. Hope for change returns when they discover how wrong these beliefs are, and how limiting they have been. What we know is that being centred enables a person to have the clear-headed ability to choose a response or course of action that is constructive and healthy long-term. This occurs because internal, emotional pressures that were threatening a person’s sense of “okay-ness” have been removed. This is my hope for you, that you will become more balanced, and thrive in the life you have been given. I hope you will discover your irrefutable value, significance, acceptability and love-ability, and become centred.


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