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  1. A Sign of Love Prop Sheet

    A Sign of Love Prop Sheet

    If you'd like to use 'signs' to focus your Easter session, these prop sheets can be laminated and used to highlight the meaning of Easter. Learn More
  2. A Sign of Love book

    A Sign of Love book

    Signs are all around us. And the sign of Easter is the cross. While published specifically for mainly music and mainly play families, this book provides any young child with a delightful story to read and for adult and child to consider together God's sign of love, celebrated at Easter. Learn More
  3. Pots of love - cards to attach

    Pots of love - cards to attach

    Create your own gift item with these cards that stick onto items mothers will love. With a Milky Way bar – In all of the MILKY WAY, you are my favourite star. With a peppermint tea sachet – You are PURE MINT. I love you. And more. These were designed for children to give the gift to their mother or grandmother.
    Download from the Mother’s Day area of ‘Resources’. Print onto card or paper, trim and stick to the items of food.
    The picture we’ve created shows them in a little pot … which you will find difficult to post – but something you could drop around. Learn More
  4. Love Happened book

    Love Happened book

    Love happened  20 years, 1 month and 1 day after the wedding.
    Love usually happens before a marriage, before an engagement, during a courtship. But what happens when infatuation gets mistakenly understood as love? And then when the marriage happens and life unfolds and over the years, infatuation becomes indifference, friendship becomes rooming together, and intimacy happens without passion, what is left? Learn More
  5. L-O-V-E Book and CD

    L-O-V-E Book and CD


    Out of stock

    This delightful book follows the words to the song, L-O-V-E Love that's Why, and features a one track CD of the song. Learn More

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Fires, floods and other nasties
Families at risk
Bring connection during Covid-19
Fires, floods and other nasties
If there has been a natural (or man made) disaster in your country, like fires, floods or even terrorism, and you'd like to support the groups in that area, depending which country you give from, we'll make sure these groups get help. The money will go to celebration items (like Christmas books or birthday gifts) and financial support of the local groups affected.
Families at risk
We're connecting with families who don't always see the value of mainly music sessions first off - but when they attend other services provided by agencies and participate, their smiles return as they connect with their child. It fills mum's life and develops the bond with her children.
Bring connection during Covid-19
We have many stories where mothers say, "I went to my GP. I was told to go on medication. I found mainly music. I don't need medication at all." Post natal depression, social isolation, anxiety along with Covid-19 restrictions can stop anyone in their tracks. Contributing to this fund from anywhere in the world will help those mainly music groups who are struggling financially.
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