• Young children love to play. Sometimes they play undirected. Sometimes they need that one-on-one time with Dad, Mum or the adult in their life who is in charge. And through their play, learning takes place. That can be learning about life, about education, about spirituality, and about character. Here are three simple ideas for a day when you're dry on inspiration.

    Using an empty plastic container - like a milk container with a handle - poke holes in the base with a meat skewer, a knife or using hammer and nail. When you're outside, fill the bottle with water and let your child sprinkle the grass, the flowers, and if you're able, the concrete. Talk about what the water is doing for the grass and flowers. Ask your child to draw something on the concrete with their sprinkles - and have them talk to you about the artwork.

    Go for a walk in a park and talk about the many miracles of nature. The colour [the trees, the flowers], the shapes [long, short, wide, thin], how God cares for the birds. [watch them fly and eat], and the miracle of growth [can you find plants in various stages of growth]. Ask your child to stand next to a plant and photograph them. Let them see how tall they are next to a tall tree, a short bush, a little flower. Maybe you will have the time to stop and speak a prayer of thanks for all these delights.

    When you're indoors, sit with your child as they put together a drawing. Then mount it on an empty food box and cut it into pieces. You and your youngster can create a puzzle that is unique to them.

  • Ever been asked, ‘How’s the work-life balance going?’

    Personally I find this question unachievable. Just when you get the ‘balance’ right in the work area, a family situation occurs and work has to take back seat and family takes the focus. Or a massive deadline looms and family don’t get the same level of dedication and time as you prefer.

    I prefer the question, ‘How’s the work-life tension going?’

    if you’re stressed with work or life not going well, maybe it’s time to make a review. And it can happen easily using the illustration of an everyday product providing an everyday service. Elastic.

    It holds up our undies and those trackies. It’s been modified and appears as Lycra or Spandex. It’s a part of our everyday life.

    Too tight and we can’t function. Too loose and everything falls around our ankles. Too tight and we immediately think, ‘No more donuts’. Too slack and we think perhaps we CAN have another chocolate.

    But elastic works best when it’s taut. A bit like life’s tensions.

    When we have the integration right, we enjoy getting up in the morning. Another day of challenge, not exhaustion. Another chance to build into our relationships rather than be frazzled by them. Life can be ‘full on’ without being ‘flat out’.

    However, it takes energy and time to stand still and evaluate. Sometimes it’s easier to keep moving and kid ourselves into the fact that this is the way it has to be.

    But if we stand still long enough and logically consider the options, engage our heart to see what is really happening, and make change, we’ll release time and energy into our lives.

    There are times when some parts of our life are affected by the pressures we put ourselves through – things that don’t really have to happen. They only stretch the elastic of life. And when elastic stretches for too long; it slowly loses its spring. The fibres snap. And the bounce back … well, it doesn’t.

    There are other times when some parts of our life become extremely tight. Like when a child is sick. Or when you or your partner lose a job. Or when a close family member dies. These are times when we need to give ourselves some slack in other areas. Saying ‘no’ to invitations that will be offered another year or another time is okay. Finding a way to keep the house at an acceptable level of tidy or clean; rather than a perfection level.

    Someone wise once said, “It’s not truth that changes people; its truth applied.”

    We know aspects of our life need a change. But if we don’t apply what we know, the tension of our lives will become unmanageable and that often causes a ‘snap’.

    Tension … Taut but not stretched and like elastic, the tension will be at its best.

    Remaining in the tension of a fulfilling life is the great excitement of life.

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Fires, floods and other nasties
If there has been a natural (or man made) disaster in your country, like fires, floods or even terrorism, and you'd like to support the groups in that area, depending which country you give from, we'll make sure these groups get help. The money will go to celebration items (like Christmas books or birthday gifts) and financial support of the local groups affected.
Families at risk
We're connecting with families who don't always see the value of mainly music sessions first off - but when they attend other services provided by agencies and participate, their smiles return as they connect with their child. It fills mum's life and develops the bond with her children.
Bring connection during Covid-19
We have many stories where mothers say, "I went to my GP. I was told to go on medication. I found mainly music. I don't need medication at all." Post natal depression, social isolation, anxiety along with Covid-19 restrictions can stop anyone in their tracks. Contributing to this fund from anywhere in the world will help those mainly music groups who are struggling financially.
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